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Everyone deserves technology's wonders.


Years of Good





The mission.

The modern world is expensive and hard to reach. Most people either can not afford or couldn’t afford to learn. We believe everyone should get access.

The Skyfallen Story.

Tekno-Net <- 2016

Skyfallen launches as Tekno-Net, a blog for tech enthusiasts.

2017 -> KüçükRobotçuk

Tekno-Net quickly grows into what is now KüçükRobotçuk and starts sharing tech articles weekly.

The Skyfallen <- 2018

KüçükRobotçuk's initial English translations are all moved to a different name. The Skyfallen publishes weekly tech articles. First Skyfallen volunteers join around here.

2019 -> Skyfallen

Joining all the open source efforts and the publishings, Skyfallen launches in 2019 as a parent brand for all services.

The New Era -> 2021

After years of work and hundreds of new materials, Skyfallen is no longer a simple project. In 2021, Skyfallen becomes a company that aims to fulfil it's founding objective and fund the Skyfallen Foundation.

We never stopped dreaming and never will.

Skyfallen continuously innovates and releases new things to benefit the mankind. We can’t do it alone. In fact, we could never have come here if it wasn’t with the help of our volunteers.

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