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About us

Our mission is to make the digital world accessible to everyone.

Skyfallen combines for-profit and nonprofit efforts to make the internet everyone's place.

– Since 2016

People Reached

It's not about the profit

At Skyfallen, we care about making the change in people’s lives. Improving the reach of the web is the key to making the change. From the underprivileged children to your local supermarket, everyone can benefit from the internet. We thrive to bring the internet’s wonders to those who can not afford it for free.

Learn with 100+ materials.

The Skyfallen and KüçükRobotçuk is filled with tech articles and guides. All for free and without ads.

Tune in weekly for podcast.

Skyfallen Plus makes tens of tech podcasts available for anyone to benefit.

Open Source is Love.

Skyfallen makes more than 50 of its internal apps available open source.

People Reached
Open Source Projects
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Digital opportunities for anyone.

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Increasing your web presence could help you grow your business and adapt faster to the changing standards.

Do you have that app that you wanted to build for years? We’re here to assist you with it and help you launch & market & succeed.

We’ll extend your reach to technology. Drop us a message and we’ll see how we can help.

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